Who I Am ?


 Linda has always been an artist at heart. Interior decoration, jewelry, and setting up beautiful wedding tables have always been a part of her life.
For some time she has found a passion in painting "Pouring" as well as resin.

 The Pouring:

it is simply fluid paint or acrylic casting paint and allows to cover all types of flat support in an original way. The principle is to run paint randomly which will form a mixture of different effects.

 The resin :

The tendency to use resin in art comes from the United States, Canada and Australia. In Europe, the technology is still little known. With resin, it can create works of art that delight with their clarity, brightness, brilliance and depth.

 Self-taught, she did a lot of testing before finding the ideal technique.
Her favourite colour is BLUE.

 Hoping her works will embellish your interiors.